Antifungal EPDM Compound Resists Mold Growth, Wear

The SituationTrostel Part
As the popularity of front-loading washing machines has increased with consumers, many have complained about mold and mildew developing on the door seals.  The combination of soil that comes with dirty clothes, cotton residues and the warm, humid environment of a machine all can lead to mold growth and objectionable odors.

The Solution
Trostel leveraged its deep understanding of material science and utilized its advanced manufacturing capabilities to develop and test an antifungal EPDM rubber compound that is safe, durable and fungus-resistant. After significant development and testing of various antifungal rubber compounds, and stringent tests for mold growth and durability, seals made of the compound were placed in two different front-loading washing machines – one with an off-balance load, and another with terry cloth towels simulating a laundry environment that would be most conducive to mold buildup – and each was run continuously for seven months.

After the tests concluded, simulating about 15 years of normal life, the seals showed no signs of mold, wear, leakage or objectionable odors. Additionally, the antifungal properties are achieved without detrimental effects to human health. The antifungal ingredient contains no heavy metals and is not carcinogenic, teratogenic or mutagenic.