Customer Success Stories and Case Studies

By continuously addressing unique challenges and providing advanced expertise to bring ideal solutions, Trostel is the right match for our customers.

The case studies below are just some of the many examples of customer success stories. Contact us to challenge our team with your application.

Reliability Improvement in Auto-Locking Hub Assembly

The Situation:
A manufacturer serving the automotive and light truck market needed a more robust solution to handle the assembly and operation loads with popular four-wheel and all-wheel hub locks. These locks need to handle the temperature, loads and misalignment found in a wheel end every time all-wheel or four-wheel drive is engaged. MORE 

Extreme Fluid and Temperature Resistant Under Hood Electric Terminal Cover

The Situation:
The customer’s current product is in the engine compartment, where temperatures reach extremes and almost any fluid type could be in contact with the product. On a new design, the product was located very close to portions of the engine, where the temperatures were even higher. The current material deforms and melts under these conditions. MORE

Low Temperature, Long Life Gas Spring Design and Material

The Situation:
Gas springs used in automotive and industrial settings are getting smaller while operating at higher pressure and  in greater extremes of temperature. Side loads are also going up putting greater demand on seal flexibility and abrasion resistance. MORE

Air Brake Valve Diaphragm Life Improvement

The Situation:
Heavy truck air brake systems utilize pneumatic valves to control the airflow that actuates the tractor and trailer brakes. One such valve, a Quick Release Valve, closes the air system when the trailer is disconnected from the tractor to maintain pressure in the tractor. The valve contains a rubber diaphragm that is expected to actuate 750,000 to 1,000,000 times over its life. One customer was not reliably reaching that life with a fabric reinforced gasket. MORE

Antifungal EPDM Compound Resists Mold Growth, Wear

The Situation:
As the popularity of front-loading washing machines has increased with consumers, many have complained about mold and mildew developing on the door seals. The combination of soil that comes with dirty clothes, cotton residues and the warm, humid environment of a machine all can lead to mold growth and objectionable odors. MORE

Innovative Tub Seal Eliminates Secondary Operations, Reduces Shaft Costs

The Situation:
In appliance applications, especially in washing machines, a tub seal is adjacent to the washing drum and keeps water and debris in the tub from getting out. The seal, which is donut-shaped and consists of two parts, has a mating surface, which could be a tube or shaft – one rotates and one does not. An oil seal fits on the outside of the shaft in a static position, sealing whatever the shaft is being pressed into. MORE