Static Seals & Gaskets for a Wide Range of Requirements

Static seals and gasketsTrostel’s engineering team develops a variety of custom designs for static seals and gaskets – components that assist in providing a seal between two mating faces where the sealing faces themselves can’t be made to seal on their own.

A static seal fills in the irregularities of the two mating faces, providing a seal to keep a fluid at pressure or vacuum on one side from transferring to the other. Although referred to as static, these seals are quite dynamic in application due to vibration or expansion and contraction on account of temperature changes or dissimilar materials and pressures.

Product Tipsheet

  • Configuration examples: all-rubber form that presses into a groove of the mating surfaces (PIP); flat-cut resilient material; integral seal of rubber bonded to one of the components; carrier supported where rubber is bonded on the top and/or bottom or edge of a carrier
  • Can offer multiple additional functions – structural support, vibration reduction, noise mitigation
  • Material selection based on mechanical configuration pressures, fluid resistance, bond ability, compressive stress relaxation and life expectancy