Reciprocating Shaft Seals for High-Pressure PerformanceGas spring seal

Trostel’s expertise in reciprocating shaft seals, also called piston rod seals, is focused on gas springs/dampers for high-pressure pneumatic and hydraulic sealing applications in automotive and other industrial markets.

Gas springs are devices that provide an output force to lift, lower, or hold a mechanical system. These reciprocating shaft seals – radial type with ID & OD sealing lips and a bonded-to-metal insert – involve relative reciprocating motion along the shaft axis between the inner and outer mating components, preventing the leakage of relatively high-pressure gas and lubricating fluid.

Product Tipsheet for Shaft Seals

  • Low static and dynamic friction
  • Low permeability of nitrogen gas
  • Low static pressure losses over life of spring
  • Sealing capability for low- to high-pressure range (20 – 200 bars) with suitable material
  • Dynamic ID lip could be as molded or trimmed sprung lip per application requirements
  • Operating temperature range from -40C to +90C, and high temp range could be -5C to 150C
  • Seal materials include NBR, HNBR as per environmental condition and application requirement
  • Long life cycle even in high velocity environments
  • Designed to seal in the lubricating oil and gas and prevent intrusion of water, salt or other abrasives