Mechanical Face Seals for Protection in Pressurized Environments

Mechanical face sealsOften used in pressurized environments with low lubricity, such as water pumps and air compressors, mechanical face seals use two axial mating faces as the primary dynamic sealing interface, along with static secondary sealing elements such as an elastomeric bellows.

These seals typically also use a spring as a means of actuation to keep the faces in contact, as well as a component that drives rotation of one of the mating faces relative to the stationary face.

Product Tipsheet

  • Substantially longer seal life compared to traditional sprung-lip seals
  • Primary sealing surface composed of two hard, self-lubricating mating faces rather than an elastomeric lip, which will wear out quickly under pressure and low lubrication
  • Design considerations: pressure, fluid to be sealed and material composition of mating faces