Custom Rubber Seals and Custom Molded Rubber Products

Wheel bearing seal

Wheel bearing seal

Custom Rubber Seals:  Customers from around the world come to Trostel for custom rubber seal molding and custom molded rubber product solutions.  These customer’s  rubber seal products have strict requirements and demanding end-use applications for their custom rubber seals.  Customers count on Trostel to match their exacting  needs for custom rubber seals for automotive sealing products, appliance tub seals, construction and oil and gas applications.  Applying the right mix of advanced technical rubber seal expertise and rubber molding capabilities in both rubber compounding and rubber processing, Trostel combines all the elements necessary to ensure the success of your custom rubber seal products.

Custom Rubber Seal Products

Customer Rubber Seal Products ranging from Cartridge Seals used in appliance applications,  Rotary Shaft Seals, Reciprocating Shaft Seals used in gas piston springs,  Static Shaft Seals, Mechanical Face Seals used in engine water pumps, high pressure shaft seals, wheel hub assembly seals, static seals, radial shaft seals, and  Diaphragm Seals.

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