Medium and heavy-duty trucks


Meeting the Tougher Standards of Medium/Heavy-Duty Trucks

Rubber seal applications in medium- and heavy-duty trucks tend to be even more demanding than those in automobiles.

The push to reduce truck exhaust emissions continues to drive under-the-hood temperatures higher, and more robust braking systems are being developed that require new materials and custom designs to withstand the more advanced environments. Manufacturers in these challenging markets count on Trostel’s proven rubber engineering, materials science and processing expertise to deliver optimal results.

Medium and heavy duty truck parts

Truck Applications

  • Complex air brake systems
    • Valve seals
    • Radial seals
    • Diaphragm seals
    • Piston seals
  • Diesel engine water pumps
    • Mechanical face seals – multi-component, dynamic assemblies
  • Aftermarket sealing products
    • Face seals and oil seals


Air brake seals and diagrams