Farm and construction machinery


Robust Seals for Farming & Construction Machinery

Tractors, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes and other farming and construction equipment require a variety of robust sealing solutions for their engines, hydraulic pumps, NVH control and powertrain systems.

Industry trends toward higher hydraulic pump speeds and pressure and tighter emission requirements, coupled with the need to cut downtime and extend service life, make the integrity of seals more crucial than ever. When customers turn to Trostel early in the development process, they unleash the full value of our engineering and molding expertise to achieve long-lasting seals for the toughest demands.

Rubber gasket seal

Equipment Applications

  • Static seals
  • Reciprocating seals
  • Mechanical face seals
    • Water seals
    • Press-in-place seals
    • Piston cup seals
    • Integral seals
    • Diesel water pump seals


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