Automotive Sealing Solutions – High Volumes and Low Resistance at Low Costs

Rubber automotive seals and other components must prevent fluids from leaking out and contaminants from penetrating, while withstanding high and low temperatures in harsh automotive sealing environments – and still supporting the relentless quest to reduce costs.

Automotive sealing customers across the industry trust Trostel for a wide variety of custom rubber products delivered at high volumes out of our ISO/TS 16949:2009 operation. Partnering with Trostel early on in automotive seal design and development projects ensures that Trostel can apply our materials knowledge, engineering expertise and production capabilities to deliver optimal solutions to complex automotive sealing challenges. Trostel’s automotive sealing solutions can be found on Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler, and other automotive applications.

Automotive rubber seals

Automotive Applications

  • Braking and steering
    • Diaphragm seals
    • Static and rotary seals
    • Cartridge seals
    • Encoded seal assemblies
  • Engine and transmission
  • Other sealing solutions
    • High pressure seals for gas springs in hatchbacks
    • Split seals for engine aftermarket
    • A variety of custom molded static and rotary seals, gaskets and assemblies


Gas spring seal