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Appliance Seals – Supporting High Efficiency and Reliability

Today’s increasing energy-efficiency standards, coupled with many OEMs’ focused effort to reduce consumer warranty claims, mean that robust rubber appliance seals are more important than ever.

That’s why appliance OEMs appreciate Trostel’s value-engineering mindset. By tapping into the full value of our engineering and molding expertise for appliance seals and gaskets, customers simplify the supply chain, improving product performance and reducing overall costs.

Home Appliance Components

Rubber seal products
  • Clothes washers
    • Tub seals – seals, seal/wear sleeve combinations or
      cartridge-style, unitized seal assemblies
    • Front-loading door bellows/gaskets – maintain long life with no leakage
    • Rotary shaft seals
    • Gaskets and hoses
  • Dishwashers
    • Pump seals – mechanical face seal assemblies with precise, engineered interface
    • Static and rotary shaft seals – prevent leaks
  • Other applications
    • Seals and gaskets to prevent fluids from leaking out or getting in, or to act as a seal between two mating faces


washer door bellow