Rubber and Product Testing to Your Standards

Exacting customers count on Trostel for high precision in complex elastomer compounds and components ensured by comprehensive rubber and product application testing. Trostel validates performance, material properties and durability of our products and yours.  Contact Trostel for your next rubber product validation and testing project.

Our application and polymer experts in Lake Geneva, WI, perform a variety of application and QC performance tests, rubber tests and computer-based modeling, applying decades of experience to deliver solutions you can count on.

Product Testing Capabilities

Rubber Compound Tests

Compression set, durometer, tensile, elongation, modulus, tear, heat aging, brittle point, compression stress relaxation (GM3922TP), fluid aging, ozone

Analytical Testing

Rubber Performance

A wide range of performance tests certified by ASTM International, the world’s foremost source of technical standards for materials.

Product and Mold Modeling

Rubber testing equipment

Advanced Lab Equipment and Expertise

  • Alpha Technologies MDR and RPA rheological test machines
  • Alpha Technologies MV2000 Mooney Viscometer
  • Alpha Technologies T 2020DC Tensometer Picture of the PCD Lab
  • Zwick® digital durometer and densometer
  • disperGRADERTM dispersion analyzer