Rubber engineering


Rubber Engineering with a Focus on Adding Value

Helping you meet your challenges creatively, efficiently and consistently: that’s the focus of the Trostel rubber engineering and design team. Decades of proven success with a wide variety of polymer materials, manufacturing technologies and end uses give Trostel valuable insights that drive optimal, proactive solutions that exceed your expectations.

When you turn to us as an extension of your engineering team early in you development process, you unleash the full value of our rubber engineering and molding expertise – simplifying the supply chain, improving product performance and reducing overall costs. Among the ways we help:

Product Development – Product design, drawings, prototypes and qualification testing; complete design and test information delivered

Manufacturing Preparation – Tool design, qualification and setup; molding press, secondary operations specified, built and qualified to meet your production and quality requirements

Troubleshooting – failure analysis, root cause analysis

Elastomer engineering technology

Tools and Techniques to Maximize Precision and Efficiency

  • Advanced Computer Aided Design software
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) evaluating a wide range of operational conditions
  • DXF, IGES, STEP and other formats
  • Prototype development in a fully equipped laboratory dedicated to new product development and metrology
  • Extensive material and product laboratory testing