The Formula for Your Success in Rubber Compounds and Molded Rubber Products

Your custom rubber compound or molded rubber product carries many requirements. It must integrate seamlessly into your application and fulfill your end-use application. And do so as reliably and cost effectively as possible.  Trostel is the right choice for:

These are complex challenges. That’s why you need Trostel – because we combine all the elements into the right formula for your success.

Start with a partnership with our proactive engineering team. Then apply the right mix of advanced technical expertise and capabilities in both compounding and molding to develop an optimal solution for your application:

It’s all delivered with a commitment to rigorous quality control, continuous improvement and responsive support aligned with your challenging requirements.

As a result, you gain more effective elastomer components, greater overall value and a better experience all around. That’s why Trostel is the right match for you and your company.